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Admin Dashboard

The Admin dashboard gives you full access to the back office of your site. From product lists and stock-keeping units, to front-end optimisation of each specific page. Our system is immersive yet easy to use. Perfect for the business professional that likes to keep an organised log of all of their itinerary.

Shopping basket

Any good E-commerce site needs a functional shopping basket that allows its users to add and take away items before checking out. We have made sure that your shopping basket is not only easy to use, but also encourages your users to follow through with the purchase.

Customer Management

The customer management portal gives you access to your customer's buying habits along with data on how they interact with your site. Knowing this information is the only way to progress and make changes that will result in a direct boost in sales. See what products are being viewed the most without purchase and make the moves towards a better conversion rate with AC's adult e-commerce platform.

Easy product Management

Stay on top of your products in more ways than one with our software. A live account of your SKU and predicted sales can stop that nightmare scenario of running out of stock as sales are increasing. Add detailed product descriptions and entice your users to make a purchase.

Secure Payments

Privacy and protection of your personal payment details should come as standard but many adult E-commerce platforms don't provide as standard. Our software not only gives your customers multiple avenues to purchase your products, but also offers complete protection of their personal details. Give them the security that they deserve.

Mobile Responsive

Above all, you want to make sure that your site is equally responsive on mobile as it is on desktop. All of our E-commerce web designs are built to ensure complete consistency across all devices.

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Ecommerce Base Platform



  • Admin dashboard
  • Customer dashboard
  • Shopping basket & Wishlist
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited products
  • Bespoke design
  • SEO friendly built
  • and much more...
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Complex and Easy

I always went with the simpler software in the past but the AC platform is so much more advanced. Great features that are easy to use.

- Teddy O'Hara

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