The Top Five Marketing Nightmares In The Adult Industry

October 31, 2017

As its Halloween, we decided to come up with a few of the horrors that can plague the adult industry when it comes to marketing. From dastardly descriptions of poor products to baneful broken links in your E-commerce store, there is always something sinister lurking just around the corner. Staying on top of your marketing game in the adult industry is more important than ever and with a constantly growing list of potential competitors out there, you need to make sure you avoid this list of marketing menaces to ensure you stay ahead of the game.

Broken Links

So, you’ve uploaded your latest products, typed out a clever description and prepared a high-quality picture for your users to see. Unfortunately, you’ve made a mistake in the back office or CMS section and what is displayed is now just a terrifying mess of weird, meaningless code and numbers. This can happen to anybody; all it takes is a mistyped URL or some confusion when it comes to which boxes should be ticked in the back-office section of your website. The best way to avoid this is to use a simple and intuitive CMS that has been built specifically for the adult industry.

You can read more about our custom built CMS for Adult E-commerce by clicking here

Ignoring SEO

There’s no escaping the clutches of Google’s algorithms and whether we like it or not, the search giant is always watching and silently judging the quality of your content. SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation, is an essential part of marketing in any industry and this is also true of the adult business. Whether you run an escort agency, sell sex toys online or provide tantric massage services, you will need to make sure that all of the content on your site is good enough to rank so you don’t get left behind. Posting articles that your users want to read can help you to defeat the demons of SEO and keep your site dropping too far down the listings. Remember, if people can find your site easily, they are more likely to buy your products.

The Dreaded Social Media Ban

When it comes to the adult industry and social media, it can be a frighteningly unpredictable area. Even though many performers and models have popular pages on Instagram, Twitter and even Facebook, any content that is considered to be against the rules will be removed instantly. When this happens, your account can also be banned, depending on the severity of the offence the social media platform considers you to have committed. Always make sure you are cautious when posting racy images on social media. Measures such as Twitter’s content protection stops minors and other users from seeing what you have posted and some sites now have age verification options, too. As long as you follow the rules, there is no reason your account should be banned, but if this does happen, you will normally be given an explanation or in some cases, the opportunity to remove the offending content. Many adult industry social media accounts avoid potential problems by clearly stating that their products or services are directly aimed at those over the age of 18.

Stolen Content

One of the biggest problems in today’s adult industry is theft of copyrighted material. Tube sites are a breeding ground for dishonest file sharers who steal content from adult paysites and then distribute it illegally for others to use. There are several things you can do to protect yourself against this type of activity. Firstly, if you own the copyright to your material, you should be able to contact the tube site owners to request it gets taken down. Most of the popular sites respond to these requests within a matter of hours, so although it can be a bit of a nightmare to constantly monitor other sites for traces of your content, it will prevent people seeing it for free. The other thing you can do to avoid this happening is to ensure that you have good security measures in place on your website. All paid content should be protected and only accessible to members. It will also help if you display copyright information somewhere on the page. Though it may not act as a deterrent for everybody, it does make it clear that by using content without your express permission, people are breaking the law.

Bad Reviews

If you own an online store or E-commerce site, the stake through the heart of your business is a series of negative reviews. Although adding a rating and review system to your site can be a great way to let your satisfied customers do much of your marketing for you, it can have the opposite effect if you end up with a number of negative reviews that make your products or services sound poor. The only way to avoid this is to pay attention to what really matters to your customers and do everything you possibly can to provide great service. Any products that you intend to sell should be tested to make sure they work as they’re supposed to and any content or service you provide needs to be of the highest possible standard. Faulty products should be replaced, free of charge if possible and negative comments are generally best dealt with by an offer to find a solution, rather than an online argument which looks bad for your business. Sometimes you will come across a customer who was unrealistic expectations about the product or service you offer, which may seem like an impossible situation to rectify, however, negative reviews from this type of client can be avoided by ensuring that you have clear and honest descriptions of what is available on your site.

So there you have it. Five of the most fiendish marketing problems that those who work in the adult industry can face. If you follow our advice and do everything you can to avoid these, there’s no reason your business can’t’ go from strength to strength. If you need any help regarding the above, contact our team at [email protected]


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