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Receive bookings, manage fees, SMS clients and more with Instabuk

Cool Features

Live Popup

The live popup will encourage your customers to make a booking through a quick and easy booking system on your website. All details will immediately ping through to your phone through sms where you can confirm with the escort! Save any awkward phone calls and admin costs

SMS Staff & Clients

Instabuk will notify girls immediately when a booking request comes through, allowing them to accept at a moments notice. Tracking information is available to make sure your girls are en-route, guaranteeing their security and safety.

Booking Updates

Instabuk keeps your clients updated throughout the complete booking stage. Give booking confirmation, travel updates by sms of email with a click of a button.

Manage Finances

Instabuk keeps track of all bookings finances. Check your best earners and customers. Track who owes you you fees and see your overall earnings with any period.


Instabuk allows you to track client booking history and send messages to promote your business with the information they want to see.

Access anywhere

You can access Instabuk from your phone to your desktop, giving it great accessibility anytime you need it and notifies you instantly of any bookings that need handling.

Package Options

Agency Monthly
Independent Monthly

Instabuk Booking App



  • Instabuk Popup on your Website
  • SMS Staff
  • SMS Customers
  • SMS Drivers
  • Manage Payments
  • View Customer History
  • View Earnings
  • Customer Booking Updates
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Staff Dashboard
  • Real Time Tracking
  • and much more...
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Changed my business!

Upgrading to the Instabuk booking software completely changed my business! I couldn't believe how easy was to handle the full booking process. I

- Paul Mallon

Easiest Booking software!

Downloaded Instabuk for my site and within a couple of weeks went nearly entirely digital! No phone calls, all online! I save so much time and money.

- Dennis Paxon

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