The Future of the Escorting Industry

October 30, 2017

Technology plays a huge part in the development of any 21st century industry and this is definitely true when it comes to the Adult Business. Those who embrace new technologies such as webcamming, snapchat and instant messaging are always far more successful than those who rely on old fashioned methods. The escort industry has been quite slow to adopt new technologies and in many cases, there is a huge and untapped gap in the market.

Many adult performers make a great deal of money by maintaining constant interactions with their fans. Subscriptions to private snapchat accounts, webcam feeds, photo galleries and videos can provide extremely lucrative streams of additional income, especially for performers who work within niche or specific areas of the porn industry. Logically, there is no reason that escorts can’t take advantage of this shift towards more frequent use of technology as well. Consumers expect a wide range of choice and tailored content or experiences in return for their money. If you want to keep up with this kind of demand, embracing new technology will help you to stay ahead of the game.

  • Snapchat

One of the quickest and simplest ways to stand out from the competition is to have escorts regularly updating their snapchat feed with saucy snaps and videos that their punters want to see. This may sound like you’re giving the goods away for free but it can be a great way to encourage repeat business. If punters like what they see on the escort’s snapchat feed, they may be more likely to get in touch with the agency to make a booking so they can meet the girl in person. If you really want to embrace the 21st century approach to sex work, subscription based snapchat feeds can do extremely well. If a regular punter has one or two favourite girls they like to see on a regular basis, they may be willing to pay a small fee to receive sexy photos on a regular basis. This can help to keep the customer relationship strong and may even encourage further bookings.

  • Social Media

You would be forgiven for thinking that social media and escort work make unlikely bedfellows, especially now that platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr have quite stringent rules when it comes to nudity. Although you will need to be careful not to fall foul of any regulations relating to adult content, it is still possible to use social media to increase bookings for your agency. Rather than setting up a page that is publicly advertising your escort agency, it can be a good idea to suggest that the girls themselves create regularly updated Instagram or Tumblr accounts. This means they can post provocative, nearly nude pictures that their punters want to see, which will eventually gain them many enthusiastic followers. A discrete link to the agency site or perhaps just a subtle suggestion of where they can get in touch with the girl in the photographs could be a great strategy to bring in more business.

In reality, most punters would never publicly post about their escort experiences on their own Facebook page as the risk of friends, family and employers finding out would be far too great. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Facebook should be ignored entirely, though. Now that the social media giant has refined their privacy settings, private groups and invite only pages can exist without being made available to the wider public. Setting up a private group of regular clients could be a great way to keep in touch and make them aware of any promotions, new girls or events in the adult industry that may be of interest to them.

  • Private Galleries

Theft is, unfortunately, becoming a serious problem in the porn industry, but many adult performers have started to combat this by only publishing new material on their members only sites. This means that if fans want to view new content, the only place they can find it is behind a secure members area. Escort agencies could potentially employ a similar strategy, with the SFW (Safe For Work) pictures of girls on the public section of the escort’s profile and perhaps some more explicit images that members can pay a small fee to access. The same practice could be applied to video content. Girls could record short videos that give the punters a little bit of background about them and perhaps even offer some more explicit options for premium, paid members of the site.

  • Webcams

This is by far the biggest growth area in the Adult Industry and many successful performers have made enough money to quit their day jobs in order to become full time webcam stars. Though some escort girls may not wish to perform sex acts on camera, there is still a great deal of potential in webcamming as a tool to increase bookings. Punters could potentially see and speak to the girl they want to meet before confirming a booking, which means they will know exactly who they will be seeing and can potentially ask any questions they may have about the experience. From the escort and agency owners perspective, this may also be a great way to organise bookings as an alternative to using the phone. In some cases, the webcam could also be a tool for escorts to use as part of a booking itself. Those who provide BDSM and fetish services that don’t require any physical contact could offer paid remote sessions for their clients. This could also apply to punters who don’t necessarily want to engage in any physical play, but would enjoy speaking to one of the girls, either as part of a certain scenario or as a service in itself.

Now that the adult industry is changing, it makes sense to do everything you can to keep up with demand and provide the best possible service you can offer. By embracing and exploiting the many opportunities presented by new technology, you can potentially reach new customers and encourage existing clients to make more bookings.

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