Promote your adult entertainment business online – 7 key guidelines

Promoting your business online has never been easy. It’s an investment to get your business on the internet, and then there are even more costs associated the further you want to take it! Unfortunately it’s harder than ever right now – the market for websites is remarkably oversaturated and there’s competition for even the smallest niche of business. 

Although online marketing has evolved and become considerably more complicated in the last 5 years (thanks Google), it’s still possible to be successful. There’s heaps of profit to be made for those who understand effectively utilise SEO and Digital Marketing. If you want the voice of your website to be heard amongst the cacophony of competitors today, you have to get smart and put in the work.

How exactly, should I accomplish that? we hear you ask?

We’re going to go over some of the fundamental concepts of promoting your business and brand online in this article – primarily pertaining to adult entertainment. If you want to learn how to make a website successful – these guidelines will help you obtain a better understanding of the work required.

Who are you to be an authority on this subject? we hear as a follow up question.

We are Adult Creative, and our business thrives on promoting adult content, entertainment & performers. Over the last 6 years our team has worked with all manner of adult related websites – from sex toys to escorts & fan sites. We’ve even been contracted by porn websites to provide our expert opinion on their current strategy! Due to this we have become experts within the industry – our team has gathered a significant amount of experience & expertise. We continue to work with some of the biggest name brands within the escort & fansite industry today, which is exactly what you will find us doing on a day to day basis.

Would you like to know more about us? Come and check out the AC team. Now, without further adieu – here are 7 fundamental ways to promote yourself online.

7 ways to promote adult entertainment online poster

7 – A functional website to serve as a funnel for your customers

A website is a prerequisite for all online businesses trying to make a decent profit, and has been for years. The adult industry is no exception, you need a website! If you feel like you’re doing well by posting ads on Vivastreet or, you could be receiving a lot more attention with your very own site. This doesn’t mean a free wix or weebly template – trying to run a business through a free template not only looks cheap and tacky, it also looks untrustworthy to customers. This means getting your own full domain and hosting, it’s completely mandatory for anyone hoping to create any kind of long lasting & increasing income.

It’s very easy to set up your own domain, as long as you possess basic computer skills you can do it yourself without expert help. If you expect a customer to hand over their hard earned cash, you have no excuse to not invest a small amount of capital in getting your site live. You don’t need any experience, just time.

How do I get started making my own site?

If you have absolutely no experience making a website we strongly recommend using an easy to use website builder like WordPress. This will help guide you through the process and requires no coding experience whatsoever. You can purchase your domain through the WordPress client, which provides every tool you will need to make a website from start to finish.

Otherwise, you’re going to either need to learn to code or hire someone who does. We’d strongly suggest you get in touch with someone who has experience with the web – you can’t learn to code a website overnight.

6 – Social Media can be your friend with a little work

There’s a lot of Social Media websites that aren’t friendly towards adult businesses. For example, advertising a porn page on Tumblr, Tiktok or Linkedin is a waste of time and a quick way to get your account banned. On the other hand, there’s a host of social websites that can help promote you adult entertainment without any repercussions. Twitter and Instagram are fairly acceptive as long as you don’t post images or content that is too explicit. Once you have developed a following on social media it can massively help your brand awareness and gives you an outlet to promote new products or services.

A few tips for working with Social Media

As mentioned, there are a few social websites that do not cater to adult content. You should make sure not to invest time into these sites, because as soon as your account is removed you will lose all of your followers and everything else.

When creating your profile, posting and tweeting – keep the explicit content to a minimum. Being crude and putting up lewd photographs will get your account taken down. For example, PornHub has a Facebook account – because they keep it relatively family friendly. Do the same.

5 – Adult entertainment platforms that correspond to your business

Depending on what kind of adult entertainment you are offering, there’s plenty of different platforms that can help connect you with more potential customers and conversions. For example, if you are promoting escort services you should be using Adult Work or Vivastreet. These are extremely popular applications for escorting, and are a fast and easy way to get seen by paying clients!
If you are selling webcam videos, streaming and photographs – Only Fans is the major place to be. You would be mad not to use Only Fans when it can bring thousands of potential customers directly to you.

Finding the right platforms to promote your service is often free, and invest enough time into it and you can see a return. The hard part is finding the right platforms that will actually give you a return that is worth your time. The Adult Creative team excels at this, it is a part of what we do.

4 – Paid advertising works wonders when implemented correctly

Everyone has heard the saying “You have to spend money to make money”. Promoting your online enterprise is no different. You can purchase advertisement space on almost every adult website out there. For website owners, it’s an easy way to make money and offset the overhead costs of running a large adult website. For you, it’s an excellent way to have your business featured in a prominent place and get you seen by a lot of people.

The problem with paid advertising is you can frivolously buy a bunch of ads and see absolutely no profit whatsoever. You can pick the wrong place to put up an expensive listing and see absolutely no return – almost as bad as throwing the money down the drain.

Invest your money wisely graphic

So how do I choose the right places to pay for advertisements online?

You could use trial and error to narrow down which places are worth investing for a sponsored listing or banner, but this is expensive and time consuming. Unfortunately, the best way to avoid wasting your money here is to ask or hire a professional. For example, our team knows the best places to promote niche adult entertainment businesses online; but we need to know all about your business before we can suggest the best niche websites to purchase ad space.

3 – Search Engine Optimisation, the elephant in the room

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO is a very well known contemporary industry. The simplest way to explain SEO is it’s essentially marketing, digitally. If you want your website to appear on Google, Bing, or Yahoo – you need SEO.

Every popular website you spend time on has individuals or a team providing SEO for them. As the website industry is oversaturated in most niches – you just won’t be visible without it.

SEO encompasses all manner of online marketing, including everything mentioned within this article. It pertains to social media, paid advertising, building websites, and much more. If you hire a business to make you a website, it’s extremely common for them to offer you optimisation afterwards.
So what do I need to do to utilise SEO effectively?

2 – Outreach to similar services, hard but extremely rewarding

Outreach refers to a common but effective method of marketing online. This technique involves reaching out to other providers within your industry and asking them to mention your brand. Preferably with a link to your website URL.

We consider overly relying on this technique as a very hit and miss approach. Outreach can be considered the internet’s version of cold calling – it can be very time consuming and you can expect a lot of rejection. It is still a worthwhile use of your time however, because one good editorial mention from a popular website in your field can support your website and bring you business for years to come.

Good utilisation of Outreach is one of the techniques that will put you ahead of the competition – it’s an excellent way to get an advantage over one of your rivals!

graphic for internet outreach

Advice on reaching out to competitors and similar websites

Outreach is a competitive game and you need to be dedicated to get any sort of success out of it. Some companies have full time employees whose sole purpose is to reach out. To get the most out of outreach on the web, it’s important to pick and contact the right sources.

To put it simply: If you are an adult performer, your main outreach focus would be websites related to adult performances & entertainment. There’s not much point in contacting a website that is completely unrelated to yours, unless you can somehow find a way to relate the two topics.

Performing an effective outreach campaign is a broad subject with a lot of niche subjects to cover – it takes skill, subtlety, and most importantly – luck. We’re going to write a guide on how to get the most out of outreach at some point – until then here is one of the best beginner friendly guides we’ve found – – please check it out if you want to know more.

1 – Keep at it, be consistent, and remember this is a long game

Our last point may be seen as obvious, but it is the key to prevailing with your online enterprise.

Don’t give up on your business. Be prepared to spend months, maybe even years fighting to get to the point where you finally succeed.

It might sound like a silly motivation, but not giving up is really important! In fact, it’s potentially the most important factor to success.

In the past, we’ve worked with websites that have struggled to turn a profit for years. After 6 months with Adult Creative, we’ve got them back on track and in a position where customers are converting, and there is a return on investment. After another 6 months with us, they were earning more than ever before. We were able to accomplish this because they hadn’t given up on their site and continued to consistently try and improve their online enterprise. Don’t give up!

If you want to promote your service and get lots of customers and traffic it can take months or years! Especially in a competitive industry. If you keep at it, and keep a consistent schedule you will get there eventually.

Remember to be consistent! Taking a few months off can actually lose you traction, and you might lose whatever momentum your business has gained.

Does your business need adult entertainment SEO? We’re the experts, why not contact us and see how we can help you today? One brief call is all it takes to discover a world of opportunity with Adult Creative – you have nothing to lose!

10 Reasons Your Website Has Dropped

The likelihood is that you have found this blog because your website has dropped and you want to know why. Is there something you have done that maybe has caused a sudden drop? Or maybe a search engine has changed the parameters on what it is looking for. 


The most common cause of a loss in traffic is an algorithmic update but there are also occurrences of penalisations to your site which you can diagnose and hopefully find a solution for. 


1. Organic Traffic Loss


Before jumping to conclusions that the reason you have lost a large share of traffic is because of an update, look into your tracked keywords to see if there is a pattern of steady decline. 


Tools like Semrush give you the ability to check how each individual keyword is performing over a set amount of time. Often you will be able to notice trends and patterns enough to know the difference between a naturally occurring drop from an update or a steady decline of your keywords as your competition has naturally outperformed you. 


2. Algorithmic updates 

Google Forecloses On Content Farms With "Panda" Algorithm Update

Sudden and dramatic drops can be down to algorithmic updates, to which Google is not shy about announcing. The unfortunate part of the system is that Google are very reserved when it comes to announcing specifics on what part of the algorithm has changed, in the short term anyway. 

The best way to stay informed is by following Google themselves. One of the most active google webmaster analysts, John Mueller regularly posts on his twitter account about any updates. If you have a theory on what the algorithmic change did, compare as many sites as you can and see what has been favourably forwarded. 


3.  XML Sitemap changes 


Have you made any changes to your sitemap recently? One of the most common mistakes that modern SEO agencies make is not updating a sites sitemap after any substantial work on the site, especially if they have been adding or deleting pages. As a rule of thumb, you should aim to have as many pages as possible pull through with a 200 response, unless a page has been permanently redirected with a 301 response. 


4. Spam Attack 

Experiencing a Google Analytics Spam Attack? Here's how to Fix ...

Unfortunately, spam attacks are a way of life for any website that is performing well. This is known as “black hat” SEO and is employed by the less ethical members of the digital marketing community. One common form of attack is to build irrelevant and often illegally worded links to your site. This could include anchor text that is criminally inclined or thousands of backlinks from a site with a high spam score. 

A programme that we use to detect these links is Ahrefs, which gives a life update of all the new Referring Domains that are linking to your site, as well as the Anchor text. If you spot a link that is clearly harmful, add it to your disavow file which tells google that you do not want to be associated with this site. 


5. Keyword Cannibalisation


This is one of the more nuanced problems that occur and takes a keen eye to spot. Google is constantly looking for the best page which suits a keyword best, based on their algorithmic determination. Have you uploaded a page very similar to another already existing on your site? If so, you could be telling Google that this newer page is more relevant to a keyword, which causes competition between the two.

We recommend to always plan your keyword targeting before writing a new page and make sure you know exactly what the purpose of a new page is. There is no harm in creating a new page to rank for a keyword if you feel another has lost its relevance, just make sure it is clear to the search engine what it is that you’re targeting. 

6. Poor Content 


Since the rollout of panda in 2011, Google has been fine tuning their parameters for what is considered favourable content. In the early days of SEO, Keyword stuffing was common practise and often rewarded. Today there is a very sophisticated list of requirements that your content must meet to ensure that it is read favourably by search engines.


Readable – Is your content easy to understand. Google favours language that is written to a GCSE level, giving you room for expansive and descriptive language but understandable to the average reader


Not enough Content – If you’re trying to present yourself as an authority on a topic, it is important to portrait that through detail. This doesn’t mean that every page requires a thousand words, but enough to demonstrate clear understanding. Thin pages with little to no content on will also be penalised. 

7. Poor link Building 


Link building may not be as powerful as it previously was in the past, but do not be fooled. Poor link building or no link building can be incredibly harmful to your site and could be a reason for a drop. Both internal and external links are integral to the flow of your site, so adopting a thought out lion building strategy is a great way to increase visibility and the strength of RD towards your site. 


Look for healthy, organic links that fit with the industry that you operate in. Google favous pages that are connected to other relevant sites as a source for information and authority.


8. Navigation/User Experience 

Using Google Analytics to Understand Navigation Paths – Loves Data

One of the most overlooked parts of modern websites is the user experience factor. Google spiders are becoming more sophisticated when it comes to determining what users want and if your site is missing the mark, expect penalisation. 


Ask yourself, is each page linking to a relevant page that the users might want to visit next? Are there any pages that are hidden. Any page with a click depth higher than 3 will be negatively scored by Google and could count against your site. 


9. Manual Actions 


The dreaded manual action is something that all website managers dread. Manual actions are spotted by an employee of google and not an algorithmic change but indicate that a page has broken Google’s terms of service. These are very serious and something you will want to fix immediately. 


Spot manual actions through Google Search console where you should have a red notification waiting for you. If you’re lucky, Google will offer a suggestion on how to fix the problem and remove the manual action but this still may have a long term negative effect on your website. 


10.  Competition 


If you have checked everything else and you’re confident that there are no technical issues causing a drop in rankings, consider that you simply might be being out performed by your competition. The phrase, “Keep your friends close and your enemies close” could not be more relevant than to the SEO industry. Tools like the way back when machine can give you an insight into what changes your competition may have made, and what you need to do to close the gap. 

Ask yourself, are you answering the question that your users are asking better than everyone else. If you have to think about the answer, you probably need to improve your website 




The truth is, any experienced website manager will tell you that even the best websites that are fully optimised and technically sound will run into drops, it is part of the way of line for having an online presence. The best course of action is to not panic and get about fixing what you can, outsource what you can’t. Adult Creative have over a decade of experience in managing adult websites, which is one of the most fluctuant industries. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for your website, get in touch today. 

Stay up to date the Adult creative on Twitter @adultcreativeuk

Keep motivated with your SEO strategies. They will pay off!


You’ve been implementing the same old SEO strategy time and time again. Sometimes it gets you the SERP ranking you need for your business to flourish, other times it just leaves you feeling stressed out and frustrated about your website in general. I mean, you haven’t got a bad website. It’s just hard to stand out against your competition. But the important thing is is that you don’t panic. During a slow month, it can be all too easy to want to cut ties with your business and just run for the hills. But is it worth it?

The point of SEO is that it is going to keep you and your website afloat even during the tougher times of your campaign. That’s why it’s essential for you to keep pushing on with your SEO. Remain motivated. Instead of quitting altogether, it may just be time to think of alternative SEO strategies to give your website the boost it needs. Here are the top reasons why your SEO strategy might not be working.


Reason 1: You haven’t given it enough time to work


One of the main reasons why your SEO strategy is not working may be due to your impatience. You may have started with a practically fool-proof strategy but you haven’t given it enough time to sink in and allow Google to process it. According to Jill Whalen, an SEO specialist.

Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.

Great results don’t just happy overnight. Google has a crawling programme, which people usually call “spiders”, which are used to generate a site’s SERP pages. It does take it a while to document new pages, so make sure you give it time to give your page a ranking. If you want to work on your website a little longer, or at least want to stop it from being searched, don’t forget to block the spiders from going to your page. This way you can make sure that your full website doesn’t suffer from just one bad page.


Google Search Console Screenshot shown


Reason 2: You aren’t communicating what you want with your SEO specialist


Okay, so no matter what sort of SEO company you work alongside if you hire an SEO specialist, it’s probably best to take note of the things that they have to say to you. After all, they are only trying to help you and your website. Now, you may say something to them like “Oh, I want page one for London escorts but I’m only willing to pay this amount of money.” Now, if you aren’t on the right SEO payment scheme, how is your SEO strategist going to use their set hours to get your website to the top of Google’s rankings?

When your technician speaks to you, they are honestly not trying to undermind you or any ideas that you are having with your website. Instead, they are looking at your website logically and are using their experience to make sure that your website gets the audience that it needs to move forward. If they suggest you to go to a smaller city (such as Birmingham or Manchester), don’t get offended. Instead, think about the positives of going for a less competitive area (such as lower competition rates and higher sales.)

You are free to ask your SEO expert questions. Just make sure that you fully understand their advice. You need to make sure that you trust your specialist and their ideas. If you don’t like them, it’s time for you to look for a different specialist.


No matter what sort of things you end up creating to be uploaded to your website, one of the most important tasks (for any content marketer or SEO specialist) is to make sure that the plans are sustainable. That means that you need to be able to keep doing them every week without fail. If you’re willing to put in the long hours and are ready to keep yourself motivated with your latest strategy, then you will get good results. Here are some of the best ways to do this:

  • Set mini-goals for your strategy and build up your SERP ranking
  • Mentor others to remind yourself of the basics of SEO
  • Create a help team of SEO specialists to keep yourself positive
  • Remind yourself of your overall goals of having an SEO strategy in the first place
  • Take a break and refresh yourself outside to remotivate yourself
  • Go to SEO themed conferences to find out the latest marketing ideas


Remember to take your SEO strategy slowly. If something goes wrong and you lose a ranking, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world. You know internally that you can fix it, so don’t let it demotivate you.