Case Study: ZEXME


Escort Directory Platform

Website goal

To have a stunning escort directory base platform to grow from


Watermark, location, category and bookings form


AC Directory PHP Code base


Graphic design, UX design, Branding

Lead time

12 weeks


A new escort directory that wanted to keep a theme throughout all aspects of their site, from their branding to the advertisement placement. In this industry, it is important to use any advantage you can conjure up to make your site more memorable, making it a more profitable and ad friendly place.

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Unique and bold design

Zexme took inspiration from the sexiness of coco butter colour scheme to run through their site, using a hue of browns and golds to give the looks of seduction. Working closely with our design team, we were able to find a design that matched the client specification and our own personal view on how the directory should look, giving precedence to the advertisement opportunities

Multiple Features

The directory system designed by Adult Creative is creative and intuitive by nature but we have made additional efforts to make ZEXME a feature heavy site. Advertisers can choose from a number of different advertisement options, giving them the flexibility to find a deal that suits them and increasing you chances of turning those visits into revenue

Excellent website developers

Excellent website developers. Multiplayer services, very friendly and easy process to finalising the website.