Case Study: Rocket Exotic


Webcam Live Streaming

Website Goal

To adapt to emerging business challenges due to social distancing and business closures, whilst simultaneously capitalising on the growing market for adult live streaming.


Base Platform Only


AC Webcam Platform


Graphic design, UX design, UI design

Lead time

12 weeks


Rocket Exotic are a strip club that wanted to explore new avenues to increase revenue through online services. During the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, they decided to roll the dice and expand their audience by developing a website with AC using our custom made adult webcam live streaming platform. This swift adaptation has provided an opportunity for the performers at Rocket Exotic to enjoy a new revenue stream throughout the lock-down and has introduced a brand new audience to their business.

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Rocket Exotic

Mobile preview of our site design
multiple screenshots of Rocket Exotic in desktop view

Video Live Streaming

When building a webcam streaming website for an adult audience, the most essential factor to consider is the streaming technology you choose to use and the capabilities it provides for your end users. Most platforms on the market are currently outdated, and struggling to function on different browsers, devices and operating systems. Furthermore, some are even using technology such as Adobe Flash, which is soon to be phased out by Google Chrome in December 31, 2020 and has already been discontinued by Mozilla, Firefox.

Other challenges often faced by clients looking to build their own video streaming website are incompetence from their developers and actually finding a reasonably priced system. At Adult Creative, we're conscious of the inferior alternatives for video streaming, and the complications that come along with them, which is why some less experienced development companies may even use a process whereby they pull through webcam streams from other websites and using the very same (usually branded!) streams on the websites of their clients. We were certain that this was not the route we wanted to go. Quality is everything.

In light of our exploration, Adult Creative have developed cutting-edge streaming technology, with the sole purpose of making it future proof. Rocket Exotic is able to live stream high-quality videos with ease and is now reaping the benefits! Users can view webcam shows either publicly or privately

Mobile view preview of our website designs

Administration and Content Management

As well as creating a website that replicated the real feeling of being in a strip club, Rocket Exotic needed a place where they could control all of their finances and make sure that each and every girl was getting a fair share of what was being earned. To do this, we implemented our state of the art webcam content management system to allow full control over nearly every aspect of the site. Here the admin can see how many girls are live at any one time and see exactly how much revenue is being generated. The admin is also able to create, curate and optimise content through our CMS to make sure that each page is perfect on their website.

Wow I'm a lucky guy to be with AC

AC did a brilliant job on my website. They made the whole process incredibly easy, would recommend to anyone looking for a bespoke website.