Case Study: Mayfair Vixen


Single Performer Website

Website goal

Generate Monthly Subscribers


Videos Upload, Photos, Monthly Subscription


AC Performer Fan Platform


Graphic design, UX design, Branding

Lead time

8 weeks


Mayfair Vixen is perfect example of how an independent performer can increase her profits with a smartly designed website bespoke to her audience. When designing a independent website, it is important to understand the brand of the professional. We spent a great deal of time making sure that we knew exactly what it was that the client wanted to portray to her audience.


Mayfair Vixen design showcased on mobile devices
Mayfair Vixen screenshots shown on desktop

Bespoke Web Design

Mayfair Vixen's website design was based around the concept of free flowing imagery that is given space to breath on the web page. Unlike other designers, we value the importance of simplicity when it comes to the high class market, a demographic that prefers quality over quantity.

Multiple screenshots of Mayfair Vixen on mobile

Easy to use CMS

As a business professional, it is important that the client could run her website with relative ease without the struggles that comes with running a website brings. Our content management system is perfect for the professional escort who may not have the tech experience that is needed to operated a more primitive software. We make everything as easy as possible so the only thing you have to worry about is sorting through your bookings.

Wow I'm very satisfied with AC

I am very happy with the design of the website. You have done an amazing job.