Case Study: Kitty Red


Adult Social Platform Directory

Website goal

Become the nest Adult Social Platform


Agency profiles, Independent profiles, Highlight ads, Boost ads, Vip ads, Cam


AC Directory Platform


Graphic design, UX design, Branding

Lead time

18 weeks


Kitty Red is a modern escort directory that has been built with an opportunity to grow with the brand with a great number of features and add ons ready to be implemented at a moments notice. As a brand, Kitty Red wanted to implement a strategy of forward thinking, and being able to adapt on their feet was a major factor when building their directory.

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Dior Escorts

Kitty Red directory screenshot shown on iPhone
Kitty Red desktop screenshots

Directory built for the user

It was important that Kitty Red was above all, easy to use for the user and a platform which encourages agencies to sign up. Our direction was to create a clear and simplistic website which highlights each agency with clarity whilst promoting each girl and their statistics. The user flow of the website encourages the user to explore the site and each agency independently. Once on an agency page, girls are highlighted with image heavy design.

Kitty Red mobile screenshots

Advertisement oppertunities

The business model of an escort directory relies on advertisement opportunities to bring in revenue. To this with Kitty Red, we made sure that the site was set up for success from the get go. Agencies can purchase premium advertisement opportunities that will give them more visibility for a set amount of time. This includes VIP, Featured and Highlighted. These three act as a tier system which will keep a site at the top of a list.

Wow I'm a lucky guy to be with AC

Excellent website developers. Multiplayer services, very friendly and easy process to finalising the website. Fast delivery and very professional. Highly Recommend!