Case Study: Evening Angels


Escort Classified Platform

Website goal

To have a stunning escort classified advert platform to target the UK adult Industry.


Location, category & type creator, highlight & boost ads, featured & standard ads


AC Classified PHP Code base


Graphic design, UX design, Branding

Lead time

12 weeks


Evening Angels came to us with a vision of creating an easy to use directory that was built to encourage advertisement from agencies. To do this, we made the site slick and simple that has a primary focus on the agencies and gives them the freedom to customise their pages to suit them. Ad with most new directories, the concept is simple but is all about the execution. Through a couple of design tweaks, we were able to make a site that is functional and user friendly at the same time.

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Evening Angels

Evening Angels web design shown on mobile devices
Screenshots of Evening Angels on desktop


In terms of the visual side of the site, Evening Angels is a clean and professional looking directory system that is focused on creating an immersive user experience that highlights the girls that occupy the site. After a couple of rounds of different designs put forward, both the design team and the client settled on an theme with a lot of space, giving the images room to breathe. It was important to the client that the branding was reflected throughout the site.

Evening Angels on mobile devices

Easy to use CMS

As well as the design being aesthetically pleasing, it was important to give the administrator full access to edit every part of their site. Our content management system is subversive and fully interchangeable whilst keeping to a simplistic format. The client was very involved in the process so our system is perfect for the type of website that has an engaged owner. If you are the type of business owner that truly cares about every aspect of your business then this is the platform for you

Excellent website developers

Excellent website developers. Multiple services, very friendly and easy process to finalising the website.