Case Study: Cosplay Deviants


Subscription based adult content

Website Goal

Modernise and add new features for fans


Discord implementation, DLC content


Social subscription


Graphic design, UX design, UI design

Lead time

12 weeks

Cosplay Devients

Cosplay Deviants is one of our newest and most exciting clients. They came to us with a website that was already extremely popular In the cosplay world. However the website was in need of modernisation and new functionality. The concept was to host thousands of images and videos all behind a payment gateway. The USP of this business is the specific theme of cosplay that all of the models use to base their photo sets. Our task was to create a functional site that had additional features such as a "DLC" package, all whilst keeping the core branding and ethos of the brand the same.


Cosplay Deviants screenshots on mobile
Cosplay Deviants screenshots on a Macbook

Addition features

When speaking with the owner of Cosplay Deviants, We wanted to make sure that we could offer something brand new to his audience, as well as all of the brilliant features that the site already has. One of the new features we added was a "DLC" option. This gave users to ability to purchase a second layer of content hidden behind a paywall that was more exclusive and reward the most loyal customers with content not accessible anywhere else.

Cosplay Deviants web design showcased on desktop layout

Sticking to the main concept

It was made clear to us that keeping the branding consistent through the site was of vital importance to the key audience that they had already built up. Spent hours looking into the key demographic of the website to make sure that we had an in-depth knowledge of the needs of their customers. One of the biggest problems we found with the current site was the lack of optimisation and consistency in the mobile site.


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