Case Study: Cheshire Companions


Escort Agency

Website goal

Elite Northwest companion agency


Watermark, location category, Type category, Videos,


AC Agency Platform


Graphic design, UX design, Branding

Lead time

8 weeks


Cheshire Companions has for a long time been the go-to escort agency for the whole region of Cheshire, focusing on the city of Manchester. The client has always maintained their desire to maintain the high-class theme for the website which is exactly what we did.
We used the theme that the client had created and ran with it, using gorgeous imagery and powerful internal linking to create a site that is both on brand and encourages users to engage with it.

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Cheshire Companions

Cheshire Companions mobile screenshots
Cheshire Companions desktop screenshots

User Experience

As with any of the escort sites, imagery is key. Cheshire companions red and black colour scheme is designed to conjure adult-related themes of passion throughout the site, whilst still maintaining a dignified approach. The home page uses imagery as navigation for the user to find the related page that they are looking for, as well as using highlighted animations to draw attention to the internal links that will result in conversion.

Cheshire Companions mobile screenshots

Admin control

All of the escort websites that we build use the same powerful Content Management System that gives the site admin full control whilst allowing a personal and customisable website front end. Cheshire companions are a very involved client who take great pride in their business, so the opportunities that our system offers are second to none. From banners to other sites, the homepage text to the images across the whole site, our system gives the admin full control over every aspect of the site.

Very friendly team and easy system!

Excellent website developers. Multiplayer services, very friendly and easy process to finalising the website. Fast delivery and very professional. Highly Recommend! Thank you Adult Creative for all th