Top 5 Adult Platforms to Make Money

The adult industry has seen steady and reliable growth year on year for almost 3 decades. From Hugh Hefner’s Playboy empire to the rise of phone sex on late night television. The adult industry is nothing but revolutionary. 

In the midst of a global pandemic and political shifts, it seems more relevant than ever that the adult industry is also making strides of its own: The Rise of performer controlled revenue. Porn is the most widespread form of adult media and with the industry worth an estimated $16bn (up to $90bn), according to – how much of that money is given to the performers? 

In 2020 there are more ways than ever before for adult performers to make money, so here is our list on exactly how you can earn extra cash through a range of different platforms, all of which you can build with Adult Creative. 


Webcamming became somewhat of a craze in the late 2000’s, as many young female adult performers saw camming as an opportunity to break into the very male dominated porn industry. Unfortunately, the porn industry was one step ahead of them, buying up many of the largest cam sites and taking a large % of any earnings through a cam session. 

However, times have changed, and today cam models not only have the ability to monetize their own cam sessions, but can even host other models on their website too! Yes, that’s correct! Camming is now an accessible resource for every performer. There are many great live streaming platforms available but more than ever, performers are choosing to have a bespoke site built for their specifications. Our development team have spent months researching and designing a webcam software that is both easy to use and multilayered when it comes to the list of features available, making it easier than ever to make money through webcam streaming. 

Porn Tube

man kissing woman's neck

Porn, like most other industries, is dominated by a very select number of companies who are responsible for hundreds of websites, and simply buyout their competition. However; now, more than ever, audiences are crying out for a unique experience.

Amateur and homemade porn is rising in popularity by the day, all the while high production videos with “house-hold names” seem to be losing their following.The big change has come in the change to what is needed to make a high quality porn video. Advancement in camera phone technology and easy access to video editing software has made porn something that everyone can not only access, but make themselves  

If you have a great idea for a porn site, why not build your own? Our Porn tube software is capable of hosting thousands of videos without any playback interruptions or need for external extensions.

The Porn software we have created is perfect for amateurs and professionals alike. Our designers worked closely with our development team to help create a platform that is not only incredibly user friendly but also offers all the functionality needed to run a successful porn site. From video streaming software to the premium membership possibilities, our platform is perfect to launch your career in the right direction.

Fan Subscription 

Today, fan subscription platforms are one of the lucrative digital sectors of the adult industry, as ever more professional performers are turning to a subscription based platform. So what is the benefit? Firstly, in terms of the consumer, they are now consuming a more personal and intimate form of content. They can engage with the person who they admire and pay for specific requests. This is a revolutionary way of digesting content and shows how far the industry has come since the days of large production porn videos. 

The performer gain a following through active social media. This, in essence, is their way of levelling the playing field against the larger porn-sites that for many years dominated the market. By selling a subscription based service, these performers are also making sure that they keep the majority of the money that is made through their content. One of the most problematic parts of the adult industry is the amount of hands that reach in to a girls profits before she has seen a penny, with a fan subscription platform, that is completely eliminated. According to business insider, performers can make up to £100,000 a year through content sharing platform – OnlyFans. That is considering the amount that the performers also have to give away to the platform for hosting. By creating their own fan subscription site, you can make sure to hold on to all of the profits

Only fans has rapidly increased during lockdown Graph

Interest in provided by Google Trends –

Independent Escort 

photo of woman on beach with hands in the air


The days of traditional escort agencies running the industry seem to be fading, as we make way for more independent escorts websites and directories popping up every month. It seems like the invention of apps like Vivastreet and Adultwork have changed the expectations for a client looking to book an escorts services, with many now favouring the multiple choice directories and independent girls.

Building your own independent website has a multitude of benefits including: Full control of your bookings, controlling your own visibility, managing your own SEO, making sure that you’re being represented in a way which suits your style and personality and the likelihood of building longer lasting relationships with your clients. 

Escort Agency Site 

Just because independent escort sites are becoming more and more popular, that doesn’t mean that there is not room for agency sites to also make some serious money in 2020. For every client that prefers a large selection of choice, there are just as many who want to book from an agency that holds people accountable to the standards and expectations that they set. 

If you already run your own agency, you will be fully aware of the challenges that come with it. By building your own escort agency platform with Adult Creative, the most experienced escort agency developers in the UK, you are giving your agency the very best chance to succeed. We are very clear with every client that comes our way, having a website is not enough, you need to be actively engaging with your audience and always striving to improve your website if you want to be the best.  Our Escort Agency software has been tried and tested with some of the most popular agencies in the country. This includes multiple sites that are currently ranking page 1 in their respected areas. 

Build an Adult platform with Adult Creative and make money!

There is no better time than the present to start your journey in the adult industry. We have spent countless hours perfecting our website templates and making the very best bespoke sites that are scattered all over the world. If you have an idea and want to put it into practice, get in contact with Adult Creative today. 


“Greatest Pornstar Ever” – Ron Jeremy, Arrested for Rape Allegations

“Who is Ron Jeremy and Why should I care?”

Ron Jeremey is a reflection of everything that was, and in many ways still is, wrong with the porn industry. 


Unless you have been living under a rock, you’re probably already familiar with the sexual assault allegations that have once again resurfaced against the 67 year old. 


To many people, Ron Jermey was a symbol of an era of porn that revolutionised the way that viewers consumed adult content, being one of the first male pornstars to become a household name. Infact, Ron Jeremy’s reach was so expansive that he was named by AVN as the greatest pornstar ever. 


His signature moustache, long curly hair and steely brown eyes became the standard that male pornstars emulated for years after his arrival and after appearing in over 1000 adult films in his career, he was quite literally the posterboy of porn. 


Position of Power 


Jeremy’s power and influence is apparent when considering the life he lived after porn. Unlike most female pornstars who notoriously struggled to find work when their career had ended, Jeremy enjoyed his position as a pop culture hero. His face was printed on masks that were worn to festivals, he appeared in daytime TV, released a best selling book (aptly named “The Hardest working man in Showbiz”) and even released his own rum as well as other business ventures. 


Jeremy’s talents outside of porn were pretty non-existent. Nothing he created inspired people in a thought provoking way, he was not a good actor and his businesses never created much of buzz. What kept Ron Jermey in the spotlight and out of the depths of irrelevance was his past life in porn. Something that is so damaging to so many other performers. 


Kat Blaque believes other women will soon come forward


This poses the question, why is it that a male pornstar with multiple sexual abuse allegations against him managed to remain so prevalent in peoples lives? For all intensive purposes, Ron Jermey should have been merely a blip on the adult industry radar but maintained his position as the quintessential male performer.


The abuse of adult performers is nothing new. There are countless stories of female pornstars reporting mistreatment in their profession and the problem goes higher still. Many pornsites are littered littered with videos featuring “revenge porn”, videos featuring minors and even genuine abuse scenes. Despite the progressive movement pushing a more responsible approach to porn, figures like Jeremy implemented a system that made it impossible for pornstars, especially female ones to break the cycle of abuse. 


Modern day exploitation 


You may be fooled into thinking that the problem of exploitation is a thing of the past, but significant names in the adult industry have reported similar stories of exploitation. Mia Khalifa, the current number 3 ranked porn star on Pornhub (as of June 2020) has been outspoken about her experience working in the porn industry and how the system that favoured the production companies and not the pornstars. 

Mia Khalifa on BBC interview

Mia Khalifa opens up about her struggles on a BBC interview

In the 6 months Mia Khalifa was actively making videos, she reportedly earned $12,000 which considering the amount of money Pornsites and the sub contracted companies made from her videos, was a fraction of a fraction of what she was entitled to. 


Are times changing? 


Much to the dismay of the porn powerhouses, the adult industry is changing. The rise of fan subscription platforms have given performers the opportunity to take what they make without having to fund a production crew and the sleazy people who run them. However, there is still work to be done. 


As well as the systems are changing, the attitude towards female performers needs to change with it. The arrest of Ron Jeremy to so many signals a shift in public opinion on the type of people we want in the porn industry, and the type of people that were involved in the age that give porn a bad name need to be eradicated. Sex work is one of the most empowering lines of work around and given the impending global recession, can be a way of making sure you provide for you and your family. 




If you’re struggling with a horror story of your own, please do not suffer in silence. Here is a number of places to find help, whatever your story is:


10 Reasons Your Website Has Dropped

The likelihood is that you have found this blog because your website has dropped and you want to know why. Is there something you have done that maybe has caused a sudden drop? Or maybe a search engine has changed the parameters on what it is looking for. 


The most common cause of a loss in traffic is an algorithmic update but there are also occurrences of penalisations to your site which you can diagnose and hopefully find a solution for. 


1. Organic Traffic Loss


Before jumping to conclusions that the reason you have lost a large share of traffic is because of an update, look into your tracked keywords to see if there is a pattern of steady decline. 


Tools like Semrush give you the ability to check how each individual keyword is performing over a set amount of time. Often you will be able to notice trends and patterns enough to know the difference between a naturally occurring drop from an update or a steady decline of your keywords as your competition has naturally outperformed you. 


2. Algorithmic updates 

Google Forecloses On Content Farms With "Panda" Algorithm Update

Sudden and dramatic drops can be down to algorithmic updates, to which Google is not shy about announcing. The unfortunate part of the system is that Google are very reserved when it comes to announcing specifics on what part of the algorithm has changed, in the short term anyway. 

The best way to stay informed is by following Google themselves. One of the most active google webmaster analysts, John Mueller regularly posts on his twitter account about any updates. If you have a theory on what the algorithmic change did, compare as many sites as you can and see what has been favourably forwarded. 


3.  XML Sitemap changes 


Have you made any changes to your sitemap recently? One of the most common mistakes that modern SEO agencies make is not updating a sites sitemap after any substantial work on the site, especially if they have been adding or deleting pages. As a rule of thumb, you should aim to have as many pages as possible pull through with a 200 response, unless a page has been permanently redirected with a 301 response. 


4. Spam Attack 

Experiencing a Google Analytics Spam Attack? Here's how to Fix ...

Unfortunately, spam attacks are a way of life for any website that is performing well. This is known as “black hat” SEO and is employed by the less ethical members of the digital marketing community. One common form of attack is to build irrelevant and often illegally worded links to your site. This could include anchor text that is criminally inclined or thousands of backlinks from a site with a high spam score. 

A programme that we use to detect these links is Ahrefs, which gives a life update of all the new Referring Domains that are linking to your site, as well as the Anchor text. If you spot a link that is clearly harmful, add it to your disavow file which tells google that you do not want to be associated with this site. 


5. Keyword Cannibalisation


This is one of the more nuanced problems that occur and takes a keen eye to spot. Google is constantly looking for the best page which suits a keyword best, based on their algorithmic determination. Have you uploaded a page very similar to another already existing on your site? If so, you could be telling Google that this newer page is more relevant to a keyword, which causes competition between the two.

We recommend to always plan your keyword targeting before writing a new page and make sure you know exactly what the purpose of a new page is. There is no harm in creating a new page to rank for a keyword if you feel another has lost its relevance, just make sure it is clear to the search engine what it is that you’re targeting. 

6. Poor Content 


Since the rollout of panda in 2011, Google has been fine tuning their parameters for what is considered favourable content. In the early days of SEO, Keyword stuffing was common practise and often rewarded. Today there is a very sophisticated list of requirements that your content must meet to ensure that it is read favourably by search engines.


Readable – Is your content easy to understand. Google favours language that is written to a GCSE level, giving you room for expansive and descriptive language but understandable to the average reader


Not enough Content – If you’re trying to present yourself as an authority on a topic, it is important to portrait that through detail. This doesn’t mean that every page requires a thousand words, but enough to demonstrate clear understanding. Thin pages with little to no content on will also be penalised. 

7. Poor link Building 


Link building may not be as powerful as it previously was in the past, but do not be fooled. Poor link building or no link building can be incredibly harmful to your site and could be a reason for a drop. Both internal and external links are integral to the flow of your site, so adopting a thought out lion building strategy is a great way to increase visibility and the strength of RD towards your site. 


Look for healthy, organic links that fit with the industry that you operate in. Google favous pages that are connected to other relevant sites as a source for information and authority.


8. Navigation/User Experience 

Using Google Analytics to Understand Navigation Paths – Loves Data

One of the most overlooked parts of modern websites is the user experience factor. Google spiders are becoming more sophisticated when it comes to determining what users want and if your site is missing the mark, expect penalisation. 


Ask yourself, is each page linking to a relevant page that the users might want to visit next? Are there any pages that are hidden. Any page with a click depth higher than 3 will be negatively scored by Google and could count against your site. 


9. Manual Actions 


The dreaded manual action is something that all website managers dread. Manual actions are spotted by an employee of google and not an algorithmic change but indicate that a page has broken Google’s terms of service. These are very serious and something you will want to fix immediately. 


Spot manual actions through Google Search console where you should have a red notification waiting for you. If you’re lucky, Google will offer a suggestion on how to fix the problem and remove the manual action but this still may have a long term negative effect on your website. 


10.  Competition 


If you have checked everything else and you’re confident that there are no technical issues causing a drop in rankings, consider that you simply might be being out performed by your competition. The phrase, “Keep your friends close and your enemies close” could not be more relevant than to the SEO industry. Tools like the way back when machine can give you an insight into what changes your competition may have made, and what you need to do to close the gap. 

Ask yourself, are you answering the question that your users are asking better than everyone else. If you have to think about the answer, you probably need to improve your website 




The truth is, any experienced website manager will tell you that even the best websites that are fully optimised and technically sound will run into drops, it is part of the way of line for having an online presence. The best course of action is to not panic and get about fixing what you can, outsource what you can’t. Adult Creative have over a decade of experience in managing adult websites, which is one of the most fluctuant industries. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for your website, get in touch today. 

Stay up to date the Adult creative on Twitter @adultcreativeuk

10 Interesting Things You May Not Know About the Adult Industry


As it’s our expertise, we thought we’d give you some facts and figures about the burgeoning adult industry. Once confined to the shadowy underworld, it is now considered fairly mainstream with many of its most famous performers moving on to have lucrative and extremely successful acting or music careers. Sex toys are now so commonplace in modern society that they can be bought in supermarkets. This signifies a profound change in the public’s attitude toward sex and sexuality. Where the British used to be known for being rather coy about matters relating to this part of life, many people are remarkably open about their sexuality and preferences in the bedroom. Whether the prevalence of social media is responsible for the continued blurring of the once well defined line between public and private life remains to be seen, but something has most definitely altered. Almost everywhere you look, adults are talking about sex, from Men’s Health to Mumsnet, there are daily discussions about every aspect of human sexuality.

Here are some statistics about the adult industry that you may not know…


1. Tax

As one of the most lucrative industries in the world, pornography generates a phenomenal amount of money for some of the people who work within it. As with any large industry, the porn business pays a huge amount of tax and helps to support the economy. According to, as of 2017, the industry pays $36 million in tax every year.


2. Sales

Although many performers and producers are suffering due to the rampant use of tube sites such as Pornhub, Youporn and Xvideos, business is still booming with recorded sales of DVDs and other hard copy formats still at $3.62 billion each year. That’s a staggering amount of money for any industry, let alone one that is often hampered by strict government rules and guidelines in terms of the content that is permitted and where it can be sold. Online content does pretty well, too with $2.84 billion recorded sales in just one year. A surprising figure is the number of sales relating to Cable/PPV/In-Room videos in hotels and similar establishments. A massive $2.19 billion was generated by this kind of material. This figure also incorporates sales of phone sex and erotic chat. Those that like their adult entertainment up close and personal in lap dancing and strip clubs contributed an eye watering $2 billion and the sales of novelties and magazines (think phallic lollypops and dirty greeting cards) accounted for $1.73 billion and $0.95 billion respectively.


3. Demographics

The most popular way to access adult material is via the internet and although the figure has significantly reduced in recent years, around 60% of all websites online are considered to be adult in nature. According to the vast majority of users are male accounting for 77% of all visitors to adult sites. That means that around a third of women use adult websites, accounting for 33% of traffic. Attitudes are certainly changing and beginning to move away from the puritanical and rather judgemental attitude held by some people as 38% of all adults now believe that looking at nude pictures is “morally acceptable.” The average age of a male user who regularly accesses adult material is 41 and their average income is reported to be $60,000. 46% of these users stated that they were married, meaning that the remaining 54% are either single or in unmarried partnerships.


4. Mobile Devices

Now that most sites are optimised for mobile content, the browsing habits of the porn viewing public have changed slightly, with 75% of users preferring to browse porn on their phone, rather than using their laptop or desktop PC. This is a massive increase in just ten years, which is a testament to the speed that technological developments take place and indeed, take hold of the market they relate to. In 2008, just 1% of all users accessed Pornhub on their mobile device. This figure had rocketed to 56% by 2014 and looks set to continue rising as mobile technology develops even further.

The adult industry giant has spent some serious time and effort collecting and collating their statistics and they have even managed to break down their statistics on mobile users even further. Apparently, users of Android devices outrank iPhones and other Apple products with 53% of Pornhub users using Google’s own IOS driven phones to engage in some self pleasure and 47% of users preferring to use the ever popular Californian technology developers.


5. Time Well Spent?

It’s no secret that there’s more adult content out there than ever before. When Pornhub conducted their survey in 2007, 134 hours of content had been uploaded to the site. This may sound like a lot, but compared to today’s levels, it’s a tiny percentage. The last survey established that the site now hosts over 1.5 million hours of video, which amounts to a staggering 173 years of content. This figure will no doubt continue to rise, which is great news for single people and those who enjoy the more adult side of internet. In a quote first published on the Daily Mail’s website, a Pornhub executive said: “The first telegraph message was sent on May 24, 1844,’ says the survey. ‘If you started watching PornHub then, you would still be watching new videos today.” Just let that sink in for a second.


6. Categories

Although the way people access pornography might have changed significantly, the types that people search for have remained largely the same over the past decade or so. Videos tagged with titles relating to Milf, Amateurs and Lesbians remain the most popular three categories by far. In 2007, Amateur was the most searched term on the site and this remained the case until 2011 when “Teen” took the top spot. It seems people’s tastes have matured somewhat in recent years as “Milf” was the most searched term for three years running from 2012 onwards. Most recently, the girls are the ones ruling the roost with “Lesbian” appearing at the top of the table for most search terms since 2015 until now.


7. Changing habits

You would be forgiven for thinking that with all of that content available, much of it totally free, people would be using the site for longer periods of time than ever before. In fact, the reverse is true and Pornhub have seen a profound decrease in the average time spent watching videos on their site. Ten years ago, the average time spent on the world’s most popular tube site was 13 minutes and 46 seconds. By 2012, this had dropped to just 8 minutes and 58 seconds. In 2017, this figure has increased very slightly to 9 minutes and 46 seconds. Still a full three minutes less than the statistic recorded in 2007. The explanation for this change has been attributed to a number of factors but one of the most significant ones was the dramatic decrease in buffering or loading times for videos. This means that in 2007, people may not have been spending their time viewing the material, but waiting for it to load.


8. Why people do it

This is a particularly interesting area to think about. Some people like the thrill of seeing something they could never hope to do themselves due to mobility problems or other health issues, others like to watch with their partner to get them in the mood. According to 72% of people use pornography as a masturbation aid whereas 69% of people use it as a tool to provoke arousal in themselves or other people. A whopping 54% of people, that’s more than half, use pornography to satisfy their curiosity and 43% watch it to fantasize about situations or sex acts that they like to think about, but would not like to experience in real life. Finally, 38% of people use it just to distract themselves from the stresses and strains of everyday life.


9. A tough job

So far, we’ve talked a lot about the people who use pornography, but we haven’t really mentioned much about those who perform in it. A little known fact is that every professional porn performer who engages in sex acts with other people, whether protected or unprotected, must take a sexual health test every 28 days. Many of the biggest studios require a minimum of three months’ worth of clean test results before they allow performers to work with them. There’s a good reason for this as a shocking one in four adult industry performers have suffered from a sexually transmitted infection such as gonorrhoea or chlamydia. Unfortunately, despite fairly stringent regulations, more serious infections such as H.I.V and Hepatitis do still happen, causing chaos and mass shutdowns across the whole industry. Even though this kind of work still carries a substantial risk of infection, according to L.A Weekly, as of 2016, 69% of performers they surveyed had never used a condom or any kind of protection while on set.


10. Toys for grownups

Attitudes to sex and sexually have changed profoundly, especially in the UK, where phrases like “lie back and think of England” were commonplace until quite recently. Thankfully, most of us have thrown off these repressive and frankly, quite worrying old attitudes and embraced the many facets of human sexuality. According to the daily express, more than half of the people they surveyed admitted to owning at least one sex toy. 48% or almost three million of the people questioned said they owned a vibrator, dildo or other type of adult toy. Of those surveyed, more than one third were women and perhaps surprisingly for some, the ages people are most likely to buy or use a sex toy were between 45 and 54 years of age.


How to Become a Successful Pornstar


Pornography is a multibillion-dollar industry that can make the producers and the performers enough money to live comfortably for life. Of course, there are downsides and drawbacks. This means it makes sense to carefully consider how this choice might impact on these areas of your life before you decide to take the plunge. The fact is that although they are a lot more accepted than they used to be, sex work and pornography still carry a significant stigma, especially in some of the more traditional areas of working life. You are probably already aware of all of these things, but this cautionary introduction is to make sure you are fully aware of these things before you decide to go ahead.

Since Pornhub, Youporn and the seemingly endless host of other tube sites emerged online, the landscape of the adult industry has changed considerably. People can now upload content using the bare minimum of equipment and many performers make a living from recording and uploading their own bespoke content without using a professional porn production company. Wait a second, though. Before you run off to film yourself engaged in all manner of sex acts, it’s essential that you do some research into the industry, it’s seemingly endless niches and of course, the other performers you may be competing against. The importance of thorough, well-planned research can never be underestimated. You will need to ask yourself a few questions before you can make a start on your new career or side business. Here are some of the most frequently asked queries.


What kind of porn should I do?

This is entirely up to you. It makes sense to try and do things that you genuinely enjoy as is this means you will enjoy yourself a whole lot more and consequently, so will your customers. There are literally thousands of niches, from straight to lesbian, BDSM to softcore, the list of potential areas is practically limitless. Many of the most successful porn actors perform in productions across the board, however, some performers can make a sizable income by exploiting one very specific category or niche within the industry. The key is to be honest with yourself. The reality of performing for hours at a time can be very different to the way you have pictured this in your head. Sex work is real work, just like any other job, so make sure that you have realistic expectations of yourself and the demands of doing this kind of work as a living.


Camgirl, Mainstream porn or Amateur?

The most successful pornstars generally work in mainstream porn and pick up regular work courtesy of the numerous production companies that exist around the world. By far, the most lucrative market is the big budget, professionally produced mainstream porn created by giants of the industry such as Brazzers, Vivid and Bang Bros. These companies hire new talent regularly, but almost all of their operations are based in major cities in the USA, so if you have aspirations of becoming the next Sasha Grey or Skin Diamond, you will need to be prepared to travel.

Amateur porn is also extremely popular but in general, pays less than the mainstream variety. Do some research into the production companies who specialise in this kind of porn as there are now several who operate from the UK. With this type of material, you don’t necessarily need to look like the most popular girls from the mainstream side of the industry. Sometimes girls who are slightly overweight or perhaps not considered attractive in the conventional sense can do extremely well within amateur productions as the consumers prefer the realistic nature of this material.

Webcamming is probably the quickest and easiest way for performers to make money from porn. All you need is a decent quality webcam, a laptop or PC that can handle high-quality streaming video and good internet connectivity. Most models work from home and use sites such as Chaturbate to interact with their clients. Customers “tip” the performers using pre-purchased tokens, which are usually sold in bundles of $10, $20 and $30 dollars and so on. Unlike recorded video productions or photographs, this kind of porn happens live in front of the user’s eyes, which makes it extremely popular with men and woman who struggle with real-life relationships. The most successful cam girls can also be given gifts from their specially created “wish lists.” Many clients will happily pay for things like new shoes, clothes or sex toys that can be used in webcam shows. Some dedicated fans will also buy gifts ranging from household appliances to jewellery.


What about money and tax?

Will you be working for yourself, a production company or a combination of the two? Most performers are self-employed so you will need to look into the boring but very necessary business of registering with HM revenue and customs to ensure you stay within the law. In the UK this is actually a very simple process and can be done online in a matter of minutes. The rate you will be paid by mainstream porn studios varies considerably, depending on what you are prepared to do. A standard boy/girl scene featuring vaginal penetration can pay around $1000 which translates to around 800 pounds. The rate for same-sex scenes is often less at around 500 pounds. As a general rule, female performers in mainstream porn earn a great deal more than their male counterparts. In some cases, certain sex acts will mean you can earn more money. Webcam girls are paid for the things they agree to do while on camera. Sometimes popular webcam girls only need to work for an hour or two per day if they have enough fans or followers. Conversely, if you are new to camming and do not yet have many followers, you could end up making only a small amount of money for a long session online.


The team at Adult Creative have been working with Porn Studios and Webcammers for years to grow their businesses. Call our team today on 0330 113 1888 to find out how you can become a professional and successful pornstar in just a few weeks.

The 7 Best Places To Get Free Images For Your Adult Website


When it comes to sourcing high quality imagery for your adult website, there are many great resources on the web for you to chose from. These range from the subscription based platforms that require a fee to access thousands of fully licensed images to the free sites that offer the same service with smaller selection pools.

As an adult website building company, we have worked with nearly all of the possible sites and have found some to be more useful than others. Here is our list of best stock image sites that can help improve the visuals of your site now.


pixels screenshot


Unsplash screenshot



Screenshot of Pixabay

Death of the stock photos


Screenshot of death of the stock photos



Screenshot of CanStockPhoto



Screenshot of iStock


Screenshot of StockSnap



How to stop your adult website from being hacked?


Your website is vulnerable to hackers worldwide!

Congratulations! You are the owner of a brand new website. However, with great web powers comes great responsibility for the safety of your pages. If you have an online escort agency or a web-cam website then you have a duty to your clients to ensure that their private details remain safe.

Your worst nightmare is knowing that someone has managed to get hold of your website’s logins and are now altering your website so that pieces of content either contain spam links or have been deleted altogether. Whilst you should always make sure that you back up your files, you should also remember that there are alternative ways to protect your webpages. Here are some of Adult Creative’s favourite ways of protecting your website.


Why would someone hack my website?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad people in the world. Some just want to make money, other black hat SEO technicians may do it to ruin the reputation of your website and some just want to inflict malware on your website. There is genuinely a multitude of reasons where you just end up as the unlucky victim.

Here are some of the main reasons why you’ve been picked as the unlucky victim of an attack:

  • Website Vandals– They have chosen your website randomly and have just created an automated attack on your website. Some of them may not have even been on your website before
  • Spam attack– Some SEO specialists aren’t exactly keen on playing fair. Instead, they are more interested in hacking your website and spamming it with random links. They may even just sign up your website to different mail to make sure that it gets spammed or people just randomly link to it.
  • SEO Hackers- By just adding a corrupted backlink that can redirect a visitor to a scam website is a surefire way to make some money. The unfortunate thing is that your website will be penalized by Google by using this sort of link.
  • Malware– Perhaps you have just clicked on the wrong website and have accidentally downloaded a virus. This happens more commonly than you may think. According to Sopholabs

“It’s possible to have your operating system, browser, plugins, and applications exposed to exploits looking for vulnerabilities just by visiting an unsafe website. We see tens of thousands of new URLs every day containing drive-by downloads.”


Protect your website like it’s your baby!

Yes, changing your marketing tactics to suit your website protection methods can be a bit of a nightmare. But it’s honestly it is worth it if you want to make sure your website remains safe. Your brand is important, and your website is the face of your brand, therefore it is definitely worth putting a bit of time and effort into these protection methods:


Switch to HTTPS

One of the best thing that you can do in relation to protecting your website is to switch over to “HTTPS”. These websites are known as trustworthy and perfect if you want to share sensitive information online, such as credit/debit card numbers, social security numbers and contact information.

Well, HTTPS actually relates to an SSL security certificate. In July 2018, Google decided to mark non-HTTPS websites as “not secure.” All HTTPs website had SSL certificates that secured transfers. That meant that they were great for SERP rankings on Google but also show users that they will have a positive and safe experience on the website.

Whilst it does cost a little more to have an SSL certificate, it is worth it to give your website an extra layer of security against hackers. People will see your website as trustworthy and will truly enjoy their time interacting with your website.


Strong Passwords

Your first level of security on any sort of website is your password. Yes, you can have a strong user name, but your password is the main thing that can grant easy access to your website. Don’t pick something that’s personal to you, or do something as simple as 123, these sort of passwords are super easy to guess.

Pick something that is over 6 letters and that has a capital, number and special character in them. The stronger your password the more security you will have. Just make sure that you have a special, secure area to place your list of passwords in. The best thing to do is to write them out physically and store them away in your room!

You can also consider adding a new layer of security by having a security code sent to your mobile device after “you” have logged in. That means that you can be sure that it’s just you and the people you trust that are entering your website.


Make sure your software is updated

Take one look at Adult Creative’s portfolio and you will see that all of our websites come with the most up-to-date forms of our CMS and security options. However, you will also need to take some responsibility for your website’s updates. Technology quickly becomes outdated and that means that your website can become more vulnerable to potential hackers.

If you are using third-party software then make sure to applying security updates for your operating system. However, if you are working alongside AC, we can sort this out if you enquire about your hosting. Should you be using a WordPress website or private CMS, you will be alert to the latest updates of your software.


Keep alerted about SQL Injections

So, you may be wondering what a SQL injection attack is. Well, it’s when an attacker decides to use a web form field or URL parameter to attack or change your database. It’s as easy as basically inserting rogue code into one of your search queries. This sort of attack tends to be used to change your web image tables, get information and even delete data on your website.

The best way to stop this from happening is by using parameterised queries. The majority of websites actually have this feature and it’s really easy to implement.


Error Messages

A lot of error messages you get online nowadays are fake. So be careful how much information you give away in order to try and “fix” these errors. The more information you give, the more likely that you are going to suffer from a complicated spam attack, such as an SQL injection. So make sure that you only keep your error information in your server logs. If they get leaked to a server then it is more likely that someone could take advantage of them.


Do you understand how to protect your website?

The internet is a scary place and you should never venture into it without protection. If you need help figuring out how to protect your website, feel free to contact AC about your concerns. We can help you sort out the best protection for your brand.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

How To Check If Your Escort Agency Website Is Mobile Responsive


Finding the right agency website can be a tricky and lengthy ordeal, but when you do find the one that caters to all your business needs, you tend to stick with it. So, it can be a real downer when the agency website you’ve invested time and money into isn’t mobile responsive.

Your clients can be on the move, on the road, or just be it a spontaneous decision when they decide to seek some companionship, and not always will they have a desktop on hand, so it’s vital to check if your escort agency is mobile friendly.

For your benefit, we have produced a small manual you can follow to see if your escort agency is mobile responsive.

1. Visit Google developers mobile-friendly test page by clicking here
2. Enter your escort agency URL and press enter

3. Click the checkbox to prove that you’re not a robot


Wait for a few moments….

And you’ll have your answer. Truly it is that simple.

Get a negative result? Contact our team ASAP by calling 0330 113 1888 or using live chat to see how we can help you.



The Top 5 London Escort Agencies


If you’re looking for an Escort in London, there are more options to choose from than ever before. With a range of high class, professional agencies, the city of London is one of the best places in the world to find a beautiful female companion who can join you for a date or fulfil your wildest desires. This list of the top five agencies in London includes the very best in the escort business. Each one can provide you with choice, discretion and above all, total satisfaction. Even better, this article is now fully updated for 2019.


Dior Escorts

With an incredible choice of stunningly beautiful girls, Dior is arguably the biggest and best escort agency in the capital. Providing a discrete, professional service and over 140 incredible women (almost double what they had in 2017!), there’s a good reason people choose to return to this agency time after time. Offering both incalls and outcalls, you can choose from a range of experiences with one, two or more women, depending on what takes your fancy. You won’t be disappointed by the quality, professionalism and high level of service that Dior provide.


London Deluxe

London Deluxe is a high-class agency that have specialised in the finer things in life since their opening. With this London escort agency, you will learn what it means to be spoilt. All of the escorts here are expensive, make no bones about it but what you can rely on is each and every girl providing a high level of service that will always exceed your expectations. These are the type of London Escorts that take your breath away when that door opens for the first time and you finally catch a glimpse at them.


Moved is one of London’s longest serving sites and has a large and reliable client base that swear by the service they provide. When it comes to reliability and consistency, this is the agency for you. Movida has a very rigorous employment policy and is known for only employing the very best girls that the city has to offer. Movida is always looking to progress their brand and have recently implemented a selfie and video category, making it easier to select a girl that looks exactly as advertised.



For fans of BDSM and the kinkier side of life, Bed Domination offer gorgeous, open-minded girls who will fulfil your fantasies and make your naughtiest dreams come true. As one of the most professional agencies in the industry, they make sure they put your needs first and guarantee satisfaction, discretion and above all, an intense, fun experience that will leave you wanting more. Specialising in the fine art of domination, you will be at the mercy of a strong, powerful and sexy woman, trained and experienced in the multiple arts of bondage, submission and domination. Bed Domination also offer shemale mistresses now, so if you’re interested in being dominated by a powerful shemale escort, give them a call.


Angels of London

Angels of London is one of the most popular sites in the city and is home to some of the best looking escorts that the city has to offer. The site was founded with the purpose of bringing variety to the punters of London who want a personal experience with an escort that is suited to their needs. On this site, you can sort through hundreds of different girls all with different skillsets that make them appealing in their own way. Many of the girls on this site are Eastern European so you know you’re going to be getting the sexiest girls on every booking.


Notable Mentions

Carmen’s Secrets – Carmen’s Secrets is our honourable mention for this article, with plenty of gorgeous ladies to choose from. If you’re not happy with what you’ve found at the other agencies above, it’s definitely worth giving them a try. They’ve been around since 2000 and offer some of the best high-class escorts in the city.