Why Adding Webcam to Your Agency Site Will Increase Your Income

November 13, 2017


In the past 20 years, technology has developed significantly and this has impacted on every area of business, especially in the adult industry. Now that Virtual Reality porn is commonplace and webcam performers can make as much money as the more mainstream actors, the influence of technology can’t be ignored. One area of the adult industry that has yet to capitalise on these developments is escorting. The majority of sites feature pictures of the girls, price lists and the services available, but very few offer videos or webcam features. This means there is a huge section of one the world’s most lucrative industry sectors missing out on potential income. Taking your agency into the 21st century by adding user-friendly, reliable webcam connectivity could potentially provide a huge boost for your sales.

There are several ways you could utilise webcamming to maximise your income as an escort agency.

  • Punters can interact with the girls before they choose who to book.

If you have a number of particularly discerning or choosy clients who like to speak to the girls before they make a booking, a webcam facility will allow them to have a quick chat in real time with the added bonus of being able to see the girls up close. This will allow them to discuss any special interests they may have and also get a flavour of the escorts’ personalities, personal tastes and hard limits.

  • Remote sessions.

Another potential option that may help increase your income is the option to provide remote sessions. Punters who enjoy financial domination, humiliation or any other type of play that doesn’t necessarily involve physical contact could potentially arrange remote sessions with their favourite girl. An integrated token system allows punters to transfer money to the girls immediately, rather than using a cash transaction. This could be a great way to increase the amount of money punters are willing to spend on their time with an escort as it extends or enhances their experience.

  • Booking

If you find you are paying too much for your phone bills, using a webcam service in order to take bookings directly could be a great way of saving money. Clients could log on, request the girl they are interested in and the kind of services they are looking for. This option would also allow the girls to see the punters, allowing them to make a more informed choice in terms of who they want to spend some time with. This means peace of mind for the punter, the escort and you as a business owner.

  • Repeat Business

If like many escort agencies, you have a number of regular punters, having a webcam functionality on your site could be a great way of allowing them to keep in touch with their favourite girl. For a pre arranged fee, punters who like to spend time with the same girl on a regular basis could log on for a remote session and perhaps chat with the girls about all the things they might get up to when they next meet in person.

  • Specialist Interests and Fetishes

If you have some clients who enjoy specialist or fetish related activities, a webcam feature on your site will allow your escort girls to show off any costumes or other custom items that will appeal to this kind of punter. Generally, people are more likely to make a purchase when they are confident they’re getting exactly what they want.



At Adult creative, we provide a range of template and bespoke packages which include a webcam functionality. Our webcam service has been designed and built from the ground up for simplicity and ease of use.


Our basic template packages start at £999.99 + VAT. This includes expert webcam web design, programming and a range of features that make it easy for both punters and escorts to use the webcam service. We can take care of the hosting and CMS as well, meaning that as soon as your website is ready, it can be used immediately, without a lengthy or complicated setup process.

These sites are designed to be simple and more importantly, effective. All the standard features found on the most famous webcam sites are included in this package so if any of your escorts would like to start providing online services such as live chat, live erotic performances or get to know you sessions, this could be a great way to start growing your business.


Bespoke packages are the Rolls Royce of web design services. You can get all of the features you want and remove, tweak or adjust others that may not suit your needs. For example, if you don’t think you will benefit from a token system but would be able to make use of an extensive category selection, this can be arranged for you. With bespoke packages, you have total control over the way your site looks, feels and interacts with your punters. These packages start at £3999.99 + VAT and we can also include a CMS and reliable hosting services. Our team of experts spend all day, everyday programming, building and designing sites that reach the top of the rankings and stay there.

Whether you are thinking of taking booking by webcam or perhaps offering a range of remote services, there are many ways you can use this feature on your agency website to increase traffic and drive sales. If this sounds like something you would like to do, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.


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