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Why Does Quality Content Matter In The Adult Industry?

October 10, 2017

Good content matters more than ever. The days of keyword stuffing or uploading multiple articles about nothing in particular to try and trick search engines into directing people to your site are well and truly over. Whether it’s trending news from your industry, in-depth features on key aspects of your business area or opinion pieces written by respected key figures, high quality, engaging content is the best way to keep visitors coming back for more. This is especially true in the adult industry as there is a vast amount of poorly written, grammatically incorrect and generally low-quality content available. To stand out from the crowd it’s vital to have unique, enticing content that will set separate you from the competition for all the right reasons.

Well researched and properly presented content is appealing to customers and clients because it stands out from the seemingly endless stream of badly written, grammatically incorrect clickbait that clutters up the internet these days. Having a number of low-quality articles on your site can attract visitors initially, however, people will quickly get bored of this type of content and simply move on. The key is to publish engaging articles, blog posts and editorial pieces that people genuinely enjoy reading. One well researched and properly written piece is worth far more than hundreds of misspelt articles with no real direction.

Having written for music magazines, popular culture publications, online businesses and education providers, I have experience of creating high quality written content for a range of different industries. The main thing I’ve learned is that quality matters. Users can spot poor quality content quickly and if you develop a reputation for this kind of material, it can be difficult to recover. Blog posts that inform, entertain or amuse can be a great way to drive traffic towards your site and well researched, factually correct articles on pertinent issues from your industry will not only help you to attract new and repeat visitors, they will also help to establish you as an authoritative source of reliable, up to date information on your industry or area of business. Features based on new products or developments within a particular element of your industry will inevitably attract other professionals from your area. Although you may prefer to target your customers directly, becoming an authority by acting as the voice

I have recently joined the team at the website store as a dedicated content writer. Prior to this I was freelancing but grew tired of the unpredictable and inconsistent nature of the gig economy. With a background in education and experience of teaching English, I can create high quality, engaging copy for practically any purpose. Now that I’m on board, we are offering content writing alongside our existing SEO and web design services. Whether you need landing page copy, blog posts or something more specific, we can provide this for you. Our current packages are outlined below.

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