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5 Genius Ways To Sell More Adult Products Via Social Media

October 10, 2017

Now that you can buy sex toys in supermarkets, the once clandestine world of adult products and services has been opened up to the mainstream. This means that people are far more comfortable discussing and browsing products like dildos, vibrators and lubricant than they were twenty years ago. To adapt to this change and capitalise on the shift in attitudes towards a more liberal, permissive society, it’s a good idea to use social media engage with potential customers. Although many people would prefer to keep their sex life private, this is not always the case for everybody and with the right campaigns and strategies, your business can target those who are comfortable engaging with or discussing this kind of product on their Facebook or Twitter timeline.

Here are a few tips that will help you to make the best use of social media to grow your adult business.


  1. Engage with every platform that you possibly can

This may seem like an unfocused approach but each platform can potentially bring in new business for you. Something like Instagram can be a great way of displaying images of your products with a link to your online store. As one of the most popular social media platforms out there, many people check this is regularly on their Facebook or Twitter account. Twitter may seem limited at first due to its 140 character limit, but used properly and updated regularly, it can be an extremely powerful marketing tool. Facebook is probably the most problematic of all of the social media platforms as many people have members of their family or work colleagues as friends who can see what they post. This doesn’t mean Facebook is not an option for online marketing in the adult industry, though. With improvements to privacy protection, it can be possible to engage with potential customers without other people seeing the interaction. A good strategy could be to display instructions on how to use privacy protection on your Facebook page. This means users can follow your posts without worrying.


  1. Post content that people want to see.

Whether it’s a series of amusing or topical tweets or a whimsical Facebook update, using this kind of strategy will allow people to establish a connection with you and your brand. Monotonous, repetitive posts featuring just a product and a link will most likely be ignored. User reviews, think pieces, videos or even flash games are just some of the content you could consider publishing via social media. Articles written by industry professionals can be good but do be aware that they can also alienate your customers if they are too jargon-heavy or specific. The key to good quality content is readability, so make everything as easy to understand as you can.


  1. Link to positive reviews of your products

Whether it’s Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Vice or The Independent, most major magazines and newspapers now have sections discussing sex and sexuality. You will often find in-depth product reviews written by journalists and users. As long as this content makes your product sound positive, linking to it can be fantastic advertising for your store. The fact that it has been covered by a reputable news or information source also adds credibility to your product.


  1. Engage with your customers directly

It’s no longer a secret that the best way to complain about poor customer service or inadequate products is to engage with the organisation or company on social media. Your complaint and more importantly, their response, will be seen be an audience of potentially millions. This means the business or organisation has to resolve the issue or faces damaging their reputation. This can also work in your favour. Happy, satisfied customers often tweet or post about their experience on Facebook. To encourage this kind of interaction you could run weekly competitions as an incentive for potential and existing customers to publicly engage with your business.


  1. Post links to relevant content, produce some yourself or hire a professional content writer to do it for you.

When your customers see that you regularly link to interesting, engaging blog posts or news articles, they will begin to trust you as a reputable source of information for your industry. The same can be said for other businesses in the adult industry. By breaking up posts about your own products with relevant, interesting content that is linked to your business in some way, you can give your potential customers something interesting to read each day while also increasing their chances of converting. Conversely, poorly written, inaccurate or outdated content can be harmful to your business, so do be careful about what you choose to share online. One of the safest ways to ensure you have relevant content on your site is to either write it yourself from the point of view of an industry professional or hire a dedicated content writer who can do this for you.

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